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Upholstery Cleaning Services

Keeping your home nice and tidy is continuous work, and having shiny clean furniture at all times is difficult. We spend a lot of time inside sitting on furniture, and regular upholstery cleaning makes perfect sense.

If you live in Northampton or its neighbouring areas, you should call Northampton Carpet Cleaners for professional upholstery cleaning services. Our cleaning technicians are experienced, dedicated, and have dealt with many types of upholstery pieces and fabrics. Our cleaning services are affordable, and the results impress every time.

Upholstery Cleaning Services from the Experts

We all know to vacuum a carpet, clean the windows from time to time, or wipe a shallow stain on the upholstery. If you want your furniture pieces to have their initial beauty, with bright and intense colours, hiring our cleaning professionals at Carpet Cleaning Northampton is a wise decision. Our cleaning technicians are experienced and trained and know which chemicals and tools to use with various furniture fabrics.

Why hire Upholstery Cleaners Northampton 

When you use the wrong chemical or upholstery cleaning product you can ruin your furniture for good. You should contact the Carpet Cleaners Northampton team to examine and clean the pieces. Our cleaners are trained and know how to manage all fabrics; they know how to clean linen, leather, cotton, etc., without damaging the furniture's colours, structure, or appearance.

Our cleaning services leave your chairs, sofas, cushions, mattresses fresh and clean. We hoover steam clean the furniture with a professional steam cleaner and allow it to dry. We have services for leather pieces and can also perform deep cleaning.

We are experienced and know how to use professional conditioner and polish for the best results. When our team has done its job, your furniture pieces will be bright and won’t have the sticky feel that some cleaning products leave behind.

Upholstery Cleaning Services from the Experts

What types of upholstered furniture can we clean?

When it comes to upholstery services, our cleaning technicians can handle every kind of fabric there is. Our Northampton Carpet Cleaners will dry clean some materials like jute, sisal, silk, bamboo, viscose, seagrass, and wash the fabrics that allow water cleaning.

Throughout our services, we successfully manage many upholstery items:

  • Dining chairs
  • Tub chairs
  • Sofas
  • Mattresses
  • Ottomans
  • Footstools
  • Chaise-longues
  • Armchairs

Our technicians are ready to clean curtains in-situ at your property’s address. Since our experts are experienced, they can recommend the most suitable cleaning methods for any upholstery piece or fabric. The most common cleaning codes can help you make an idea about the cleaning services we can provide:

  • S- it refers to solvents only. We will not use water, but only dry cleaning
  • X- means brushing and vacuuming only. It's relatively rare, and you cannot clean it.
  • S/W- dry foam from a mild detergent is possible. We still need to use dry treatment.
  • W- it refers to water, and we can safely steam clean the upholstery piece.

What our upholstery cleaning service looks like

Our professionals have been in this business for years and know which cleaning methods and supplies give your furniture pieces the best results. We only use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for children, pets, and people with allergies.

They adjust the methods and tools to each furniture piece and follow specific steps:

  • Pre-treating the fabric
  • Stain and spot treatment
  • Steam cleaning (when possible)
  • Dry cleaning via foam or solvent
  • Extraction of stains and dirt

The upholstery cleaning services our Carpet Cleaning Northampton team offers are:

  • Steam cleaning- when applicable
  • Dry foam cleaning- for delicate fabric
  • Leather cleaning- via dry solvents

Additionally, we can rejuvenate leather upholstery with special stain removers and crack fillers. Our cleaning technicians have years of experience and know which cleaning method and supplies to use on your upholstery.

Dry upholstery cleaning services

At Carpet Cleaning Northampton, we execute dry cleaning for fragile fabrics. We may use a professional cleaning foam or a particular carbonated cleaning product and follow specific steps for cleaning:

  • We deeply vacuum the upholstery to remove the loose hair, dirt, or food crumbs.
  • If possible, we remove the cushions and vacuum the underside of the cushions as well.
  • We apply the carbonated cleaning product/cleaning foam and gently rub it with a cloth. We can also leave it to fizz because the carbonated bubbles will work out the deeply set dirt and bring it to the surface.
  • We use a powerful vacuum to remove all dirt and leave the upholstery piece to dry.
Dry upholstery cleaning services

Steam upholstery cleaning services

Our cleaning technicians use the most recent and powerful machines for hot water extraction with an attachment head designed for upholstery. Our device will eliminate all stains, smells and kill 100% bacteria.

Our experts in Northampton execute special services for your upholstery

Our experts have the skills, supplies, and equipment to complete antiviral upholstery sanitization that removes bacteria and germs. We employ EN1276 approved detergents for the special treatment and hot water extraction as cleaning method.

Consider the ScotchgardTM upholstery treatment

At Carpet Cleaners Northampton, we can execute ScotchgardTM upholstery treatment to protect old and new furnishing fabric from a wide range of stains: shoe polisher, ink, blood, red wine, etc. Call us for details.

Call us for a free quote

Our team at Northampton Carpet Cleaners is ready to clean upholstery of any type, age, complexity, or fabric. Call us and let one of our representatives tell you more about our cleaning services and provide you with a quote for the job. We can come whenever works for you— we’re also flexible!

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