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Leather Cleaning Services

When it comes to furnishing, not many materials express elegance and luxury as much as leather. Having leather upholstered furniture in your home brings comfort, style, and class that no other type of upholstery will offer. With benefits come responsibilities, and leather pieces always require professional care and cleaning to keep their original beauty for decades.

You can now contact Northampton Carpet Cleaners for leather cleaning services in Northampton and the larger region. Our cleaning technicians are experienced, trained, and skilled to use the most effective cleaning services for your leather furniture.

Effective leather cleaning service from Northampton Carpet Cleaners

Whether you are the proud owner of a leather sofa, chair, or an entire set of upholstered leather furniture, you know by now that keeping them in perfect condition is constant work. The cleaning experts at Carpet Cleaning Northampton have dealt with many leather furniture pieces until now and know which cleaning services, supplies, and tools to use for yours as well.

Keeping leather sofas is comparatively easy as compared to other fabrics. You only need to wipe it clean with a cleaning solution and a cloth from time to time. However, constantly cleaning your upholstery on your own will make the leather dull and unattractive. It happens because the cleaning detergents you use don’t have the proper pH, altering your luxury pieces' lustre and texture. Our Carpet Cleaners Northampton team will make your luxurious furniture spark up, as they will efficiently remove the stains and spots.

Leather Cleaning Services Northamton

Carpet Cleaning Northampton’s cleaning process for leather furniture

Our cleaning experts are experienced and stay connected to the industry's latest developments. Before all, we use the latest supplies, cleaning methods, and tools for managing your exquisite furniture. We will adjust the cleaning services to your requests, budget, and your piece’s specific details. Most of the time, we take the following steps:

  • We examine the furniture for odours, stains, dust, or mould
  • We test a tiny patch of the skin to make sure that our treatment won’t affect the colour or structure. Different manufacturers use various production technologies and chemicals, and our Northampton Carpet Cleaners have to use the most effective and safest cleaning services for your furniture.
  • We vacuum the furniture on all sides and remove all hard particles, dust and lint deposited under the cushions and between creases
  • We treat the spots and blot them with a special agent and clean cloth. We may apply a foam leather cleaner and let it absorb all dirt for few minutes. Our cleaning technicians can use a soft brush, gently brushing and wiping it with a white cotton cloth.
  • We apply a rejuvenator over the surface to lock the result. It will also serve as a protective layer. The rejuvenator will dry in approximately two hours.
  • We examine the piece to see if we’ve missed any spots
  • We moisturize, condition and protect the upholstery to expand its lifespan.

How we handle your leather pieces

Our dedicated specialists execute cleaning and conditioning services at high standards for attractive prices. We take residential and commercial clients and we can:

  • Thoroughly inspect the leather condition and overall state of your upholstery
  • Use professional upholstery cleaning and conditioning detergents, green line eco products from the most prestigious manufacturers in the industry
  • Use various and advanced services of cleaning and maintaining leather

Note: Leather upholstery has the tendency to become rough and even crack in time. We want to reduce the risk of cracking, so our cleaning services include polishing the leather with a light conditioner that maintains it supple and soft. The conditioner also lowers the risk of chafing and cracking. The leather pieces' colours are revived, and in many cases you can easily forget about buying a new sofa.

professional upholstery cleaning and conditioning

Other details of our professional leather cleaning service

Our cleaning technicians use a detergent with a pH balance ideal for leather upholstery due to its organic properties. We always use the most effective cleaning agent to remove all stains and marks of dirt and dust without altering your piece's lustre or structure.

At Carpet Cleaners Northampton, we can use stain removals for ink and crack fillers with various colours. Upon our first examination of your upholstery, we can see if we have the same crack filler colour.

Since mat leather isn’t protected with rejuvenator, we don’t typically clean it; it also tears and wears rather quickly.

Our cleaning services also comprise bad odour removal and deodorizing with innovative natural solutions.

Expert leather cleaning from our team in Northampton

We perform our cleaning services on-site and use new professional-grade machines. You don’t need to dismantle or take your furniture to another location.

With leather upholstery, two factors cause deterioration and damage: regular use and the frequent treatment with improper cleaning methods and supplies. Even if we cannot reverse your furniture's ageing and general wear and tear, we can still expand its durability and help it look its best for many years. Brittle, chaffing and peeling occur because you've used the wrong chemical agents onto the hide.

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If you want your leather sofa to look exquisite for a long time, contact the Northampton Carpet Cleaners team. One of our representatives will give you all the details about our cleaning services and provide you with a quote for the job. Call us to set up an appointment.

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