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Flooring of all kinds adds aesthetic value and comfort to your home. Keeping your flooring in the best condition for many years requires constant and specialist cleaning. Spilt juice, dust particles, and bits of food can alter your floor’s appearance and wear it out before its time.

Northampton Carpet Cleaners offers cleaning services for stone, hard floor, tile and grout in Northampton for commercial and domestic buildings. Our technicians are trained and use the most effective equipment and tools for cleaning your flooring, no matter if it's stone, hard floor, or grout.

Quality hard floor cleaning services from Northampton Carpet Cleaners

Hard flooring comes in a diversity of materials: marble, stone, tile, wood, slate, and vinyl. Each of them requires different cleaning techniques for the best results without damage. Our team cleans hard floors of all kinds and also offers maintenance services--- they're necessary for expanding your flooring's life.

Bacteria thrive on floors, causing allergies and many health problems, and our technicians are very meticulous in removing them. We use high-powered cleaning machines to clean dust and specks efficiently, spills so that you live in a healthier environment. We will make your floor bacteria-free and clean as new, making it more durable.

Hard floor cleaning services Northampton

Our hard floor cleaning services are adequate for a wide diversity of hard flooring and work for any space, domestic or commercial. We can restore the appearance and glaze to all kinds of flooring: stone, tile, grout, engineered and solid wood, laminate, ceramic or thermoplastic tiles, terracotta, granite, vinyl, etc. Carpet Cleaners Northampton has the best professional approach to giving you an efficient and time-saving service.

We know everything about tile and grout cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is time consuming and rewarding, and we do our best to obtain superior finishes. At Northampton Carpet Cleaners, we have the skills and knowledge to clean your tile and grout surfaces, preserving their beauty for a long time. Grout is a rough and porous surface, and it presents many challenges in routine cleaning and maintenance. Dirt will collect into grout lines in regular cleaning, becoming unattractive in time. Mould, mildew, and dirt are the common causes of unsightly appearance. Using the wrong cleaning products and inappropriate cleaning methods on hard floors, grout, or tile will reduce their life span and affect their appearance too.

At Carpet Cleaning Northampton, we use eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t affect the current grout lines. We can adjust our tile cleaning process according to your tiles, requests, and budget limitations. Our expert tile and grout cleaning services include hygienically cleaning and gleaming stone floors. Our services are fast and efficient, so call us for further information.

What to expect from Carpet Cleaning Northampton’s hard floor, tile and stone cleaning services?

We’re not the only company in Northampton offering cleaning services for hard floors, stone, tile, and grout. However, we are the only company with a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians who aim for nothing but the best with their work and results.

Our experienced hard floor cleaning specialists will come to your property and manage the job with all the necessary tools and supplies. They will carefully examine the floors to decide which cleaning method would be the most appropriate. According to your kind of flooring, our team will choose one of the following cleaning methods:

company in Northampton offering cleaning services for hard floors- stone- tile and grout

Sealed floor cleaning method

Our team will scrub the hard floor with a cleaning machine with a mash pad designed for the particular kind of floor with this method. The cleaning procedure removes the top layer of the sealant. Later on, the specialist spreads a unique cleaning solution all over the floor, letting it settle for a bit. The solution soaks up all the collected dirt and grime from the surface. When the time is up, our cleaning technician will employ an extraction machine to remove the cleaning solution and the dislodged unsanitary agents. In the end, the team sprays the floor with a sealant, and the floor is clean and protected for a long time.

Regular rotary cleaning

Your floor may not need recoating, so our Carpet Cleaning Northampton team will just thoroughly clean it. The team will spray it with a cleaning solution and dislodge any residing grime, cleaning it with the rotary machine.

Polished floor cleaning

The method is efficient for vinyl and linoleum. After examination, our team will thoroughly clean and mop the floors. They continue with applying a particular stripping solution and left for approximately 15 minutes. After that, the Carper Cleaners Northampton team will use a rotary machine with mash pads to strip the polish, removing the old layer together with any deposited dirt. The technicians will mop the floor with a neutralizer and apply another layer of polish. You will be able to walk on it three hours later.

Call us for a free quote

Contact us if you want to benefit from our Northampton cleaning services for hard floor, tile, stone, or grout. Our team members are experienced and knowledgeable and know which cleaning methods and services are most suited for your flooring. Call us and let one of our team members give you details about the cleaning procedures and a quote for the job.

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