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Milk, Urine, and Odour Removal Services

Running a household is challenging, especially if you have kids and pets running around. No matter how careful you are, sooner or later, someone will spill something on your beautiful carpet; sooner or later, your furry friend will have an accident, ruining your rug and day.

Northampton Carpet Cleaners is the company to call for cleaning services for carpets, upholstery cleaning, and rug cleaning; we remove milk, urine, and odours.  We take both commercial and domestic clients, and we have the cleaning methods, supplies, and expertise to eliminate milk, urine, and odour from your property so that you can enjoy a healthy and comfortable environment once again.

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Accidents happen all the time, and most of us have had to deal with some spilt liquids or foul odours coming from our carpets, rugs, or upholstery. Some liquids falling on the carpets don’t pose a problem, whereas others are pretty alarming.

The cleaning technicians at Carpet Cleaning Northampton have cleaned anything from milk spills to red wine spills, with impressive results every time.

And if you think that milk doesn’t cause so much trouble as red wine, you might want to think again. Even if it looks innocent, milk can cause unpleasant odours in your home and requires professional cleaning services.

Odour Removal Services

Why call our professionals to clean milk from your carpet, rug, or upholstery?

Truth be told, the smell and the stain from milk isn't that obvious in the beginning. Unfortunately, the bacteria in milk will develops and the natural sugars will turn into acetic and lactic acid. Since your carpets are typically highly absorbent, milk will easily seep deeply into the fibres, causing persistent stains and foul odours. The stained area will become yellow, and the sour smell will become noticeable.

The presence of protein makes milk stains on carpets such a pain to clean. Most of the time, dried proteins (like those in milk) get hard and are difficult to rehydrate.

Ideally, you need to remove the milk from the minute it happens; if not, you will need to call the professionals for cleaning services. Our cleaning experts at Carpet Cleaners Northampton will know which services to execute for you.

Carpet Cleaning Northampton’s milk and urine stain cleaning process

Our cleaning technicians are experienced, hardworking, and dedicated. Over the years, they have developed cleaning protocols to remove any stains, and milk stains are on that list. Our Carpet Cleaning Northampton use more than 15 different stains removal chemicals and liquids. We’re skilled and trained to remove all stains from your upholstery or carpet, milk stains included.

Our cleaning experts are accurate and will follow specific steps for cleaning the milk, urine, or other stains:

  • We examine the stain we’re dealing with
  • We analyse the fabric and decide if we should use liquid or chemicals removal of the stains
  • We apply the stain removing solution
  • We rinse the carpet/upholstery to eliminate all residual traces
  • We make sure that your household item is fresh and clean

We use specialised cleaning methods

Our specialised cleaning services will eliminate urine and any odours. When the urine dries, the liquid evaporates, and the urine crystals harden and smell stronger. Our team uses exclusive products and tools to remove and reduce urine odours and unpleasant stains. We use a cleaning method that works at a molecular level, destroying the urine crystals and removing the scent altogether.

Throughout the cleaning process, we saturate the damaged area with our cleaning agent, which penetrates the carpet's fibres and reaches the carpet's backing, padding, and subfloor, getting to the whole odour source. We continue with our "water claw" sub-surface extraction tool attached to the truck-mounted carpet cleaner, pulling the urine contaminants out. It’s the safest and most effective method to remove odours and ugly urine stains.

milk and urine stain cleaning process

Odour removal services at the highest standards

At Northampton Carpet Cleaners, we have the skills, experience, and equipment to remove all kinds of odours, from smoke odour to body and chemical odours. We master various cleaning methods for the best results.

Odours can linger for years if not properly managed. A general clean isn’t efficient and can only temporarily hide the scent. Our cleaning experts will execute cleaning services and decontamination to improve the odour removal later on. The smell can be trapped within walls, fabrics, cavities, but we are experienced. When you hire the Carpet Cleaners Northampton for odour removal services, you will enjoy many benefits:

  • We are experienced
  • We can eliminate smoke, body, and chemical odours
  • We use wet and thermal fogging
  • We offer ozone treatments
  • We execute professional cleaning and decontamination
  • We solve the odour problem for good
  • We apply a sealant to seal odour behind
  • Our cleaning methods prevent lingering odours

Our odour removal protocol

We can come after a fire or flood damage, and odour removal is one of the most critical aspects of an emergency restoration project. General cleaning won’t be enough to eliminate odours such as smoke from cavities and walls.

At Carpet Cleaning Northampton, we have the tools and experience to remove the specific odour in your building. We will recommend dry or thermal fogging to disinfect and deodorise surfaces. Our cleaning specialists will also treat fabrics because they could hold on to lingering odours.

Wet fogging

We use a cold fogger to execute the wet fogging. We spray very fine particles of the solution onto the altered surface so that we disinfect and deodorise. We can use it on all surfaces, carpets, furnishing—we pre-test them first.

Thermal fogging

Thermal fogging is dry but resembles the wet fogging process. There will be less residue on the affected areas. If used after a fire, thermal fogging will replicate the smoke pattern. The product will go in the same way as the smoke did, but this time will deodorise the surfaces.


We use sealing to contain odour issues after we fog the damaged areas. We apply a special sealant to protect and seal the odour behind. We only use it in areas difficult to access.

Ozone treatments

Our cleaning experts eliminate trapped odours that still linger after redecoration with ozone. It breaks down the molecules, spores, and bacteria that generate the foul smells.

Our technicians remove all odours, chemical, smoke, dampness, and body odours. Depending on the kind and extent of the odours, we will perform specific cleaning services and cleaning products.

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Contact the Northampton Carpet Cleaners for cleaning services when you suspect milk, urine stains and odours in your home or building. One of our representatives will provide you with further information and a quote for the job.

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