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Pet Stain and Odour Removal

If you have a pet, it goes without saying that you know all the joy and problems of raising a pet. Our cats and dogs fill our hearts with love even if, sometimes, they cause accidents that ruin our most precious family heirlooms.

Northampton Carpet Cleaners provides services for pet stain and odour removal in Northampton area. We are dedicated, hardworking, and use the best tools and cleaning methods to help you enjoy your home despite your pet's minor accidents.

High quality pet stain cleaning services from Northampton Carpet Cleaners

Hiding pet stains and odours is relatively easy, and many cleaning companies in Northampton will provide you with that kind of services. At Carpet Cleaning Northampton, we are determined to remove the pet stains and odours, and we use the most effective cleaning services and methods for that.

Our cleaning technicians are knowledgeable and use eco-friendly solutions with robust natural-molecular technology and advanced biotechnology techniques to remove pet odours and stains. Our cleaning services don't remove just the smell but also the health hazards associated with pet stains.

Pet Stain and Odour Removal

We are experienced and skilled and developed efficient cleaning services to remove numerous odours and urine stains from rugs, carpets, mattresses and upholstery. Thanks to our cleaning services, pet odours disappear; we will remove the stain deep below the surface.

How does pet urine damage your carpets?

Urine contains urobilin, urea, uric acid, and cholesterol. Ammonia causes a bad smell after the accident. Unfortunately, urine won’t stay on the carpet or rug but go deep in the fabric and get to the floor beneath. When drying, the fluid evaporates, but the urine crystals don’t go anywhere. On the contrary, they become concentrated and ruin the fabric and the floor as well.

Strong smell and pet stains are just the tip of the iceberg, though. People in good health won’t be affected by secondary effects of pet stains, whereas some could experience watery eyes, sinusitis, and even various allergies. You may consider the impact relatively minor, but the symptoms can be very uncomfortable for children, elderly, and people with a weak immune system.

Why hire Carpet Cleaning Northampton for pet urine cleaning services

Some people are tempted to clean the pet stains on their own, but that’s not the best idea. At Carpet Cleaners Northampton, we use the most effective detergents and equipment for cleaning pet stains and remove odours. Typically, your dog or cat will urinate on the spot over and over again-- they do it to mark the territory. You can try the cleaning products in-store, but they only hide the odour for you; they won’t trick your pets at all. As a matter the fact, the chances for your pet to urinate again on the exact same spot are very high because your pet will try to overpower the new odour.

And if you think that pet stains aren’t that big of a deal, you might want to give it a second thought; the stains only look smaller on the surface. Below the surface, the pet stains are even twice as extended.

The benefits of using our team’s services

We know we’re not the only cleaning company that provides pet stain and odour removal services in Northampton. But we also know that our experience, skills, and results recommend us for the job.

We use the best cleaning products and don’t settle with anything but the best with our work and results. When you hire Carpet Cleaning Northampton for services of cleaning pet stains and odours, you will enjoy many benefits:


Cleaning services to remove pet stains and odours require extreme extraction power so that all left liquids that are dissolved can be removed entirely. We always use the most effective cleaning equipment for the job.

pet urine cleaning services


Our cleaning specialists didn't start working in this business last week; we worked for many years. Our cleaning specialists have cleaned carpets and upholstery hundreds of times and tried various cleaning methods and chemicals until developing the highly effective strategies we use today.

Detergents and chemicals

It’s not enough to have the proper solvents for cleaning the pet stains and odours; one also should know how to use them properly. Over the years, our Northampton Carpet Cleaners have tried various brands while attempting to find the most effective pet stain and odour removal. Today, we employ the most effective chemicals to eliminate pet stains and odours without damaging the colours, texture, or structure of your carpets, rugs, or upholstery.

We are meticulous and effective

At Carpet Cleaners Northampton, we've learned that sticking to cleaning protocols is essential; we will, however, adjust our cleaning methods and supplies according to the fabrics, your budget or special requests. The steps we typically take for cleaning pet stains and odours are:

  • We examine the situation and use an ultraviolet light source to identify all pet stains
  • We replicate the incident using specific detergent; we let it settle for a couple of minutes
  • We apply pressure to the stained area because stains are larger at the base than the surface entry points. We have to make sure that we use the cleaning product to cover the soil entirely
  • We use a subsurface cleaning tool to extract and flush the urine stain out of your carpet.
  • We employ rotating soft brushes that don't ruin the fabrics as they're practical and gentle
  • We treat the pet stains before the cleaning
  • We apply a second set of detergents and extract all of the chemicals, together with grime, dirt, and bacteria
  • We spray the carpet/upholstery/rug with deodorizer so that they are left with a pleasant scent
  • Drying can last for 4-6 hours after we complete the cleaning
  • We can seal the cleaning results with excellent nano protection; it will stop future pet stains get deep into the fabric.

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If you have pets and want to enjoy a fresh, clean home again, contact our Northampton Carpet Cleaners for cleaning services. One team member will offer you details about the cleaning procedures and a quote for the job.

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