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Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs in our homes play decorative roles and help with our level of comfort as well. Similar to carpets, our rugs also need regular cleaning so that dust, dirt, or grime don’t settle in and affect our health.

Northampton Carpet Cleaners is the company to call for professional rug cleaning services in Northampton. We take both domestic and commercial clients, regardless of your floor covering's size, age, or material.

High quality rug cleaning services from Northampton Carpet Cleaners

Many companies in Northampton offer rug cleaning services, but none of them has the experienced and dedicated technicians as we do. Our purpose is to obtain the best results with every project we take, no matter how simple, large, or complex it may be. We can clean your rug and adjust our cleaning methods and supplies to its specifics, texture, fabric, and your budget limitations as well.

Our Carpet Cleaning Northampton experts are fully trained and skilled to clean rugs of all fabrics. We have the supplies and equipment to clean jute, cotton, silk, wool, and synthetic materials. Our cleaning protocols are efficient, and we can clean the rug on your premises or offer a pick-up and return service for your utmost convenience.

Rug Cleaning Services

Specialist rug cleaning with Carpet Cleaners Northampton

Our team offers specialist cleaning services for oriental, antique, Indian, Chinese, Persian, and Native American rugs— they all have particular fabric and weave details. An exquisite rug is a pricey investment for your home and needs special care and cleaning to expand the lifespan.

Once our Carpet Cleaner Northampton technicians complete the services, your rugs will have clearer colours and be stain and odour-free. Your rug could develop many issues: liquid spill damage, pet odours, long-standing marks, or damage caused by many feet and passage of time. However, our experts will restore to you the attractive decorative piece you once had.

We follow specific steps

The Northampton Carpet Cleaners are experienced and know how to adjust the services to each rug’s specific details, texture, complexity, fabric and structure. They will follow the cleaning protocols proven to be effective but are always ready to adjust the methods accordingly:

  • Inspection

Our experts examine your rug to identify the specific details and aspects that could affect the cleaning protocol.

  • Pre-treatment

Our team applies detergents on a non-visible area to make sure that the results will be effective.

  • Cleaning&washing

We spray a powerful cleaning product to remove trace of stains and dirt. We will use a special “shampoo” to wash and clean your matting.

  • Drying

No matter if we use dry or steam cleaning with your piece, it will be 95% dry before we leave.

  • Post-inspection

Our cleaning experts will examine the rug once again before leaving. We aim for nothing but the best with our cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Northampton’s cleaning methods

We have been in the rug cleaning business for many years, and we never stop learning about the market's latest equipment. We use high-quality, non-toxic, and eco-friendly products that offer the best results possible.

Our cleaning specialists employ well-established methods and the most modern rug and carpet cleaning procedures. Before all, we use the most recent techniques for cleaning services. We will constantly adjust our services to your rug's type and age.

Rug Cleaning business Services

Steam carpet cleaning

Steam cleaning is a hot water extraction method and one of the most effective deep-cleaning techniques to select for your rug, matt, or dingy carpet. The technique combines chemicals and hot water, so we’re able to clean more than just your rug’s surface. Our team will remove even the most persistent debris and stains that collect deeply into the rug, dirt and even address a broad spectrum of germs.

The detergents we use will kill 99,99% of all viruses and bacteria, so contact us for details on antiviral cleaning service against Corona and other viruses.

Dry rug cleaning

Dry cleaning is an effective cleaning method for most textile flooring fabrics. We use specialized rug cleaning machines and recently developed chemical procedures, such as the dry-chem treatment. These services allow VLM (“very low moisture”) cleaning or even no-moisture cleaning that helps remove stains, dirt, grit, and allergens.

Our cleaning experts use an advanced cleaning powder that isn’t harmful or toxic. We infuse the powder deeply into your rug, destroying all the collected dirt and germs. Later, we vacuum the piece, which remains fresh and clean.

Dry cleaning is a gentle method to clean the matting, and it’s ideal for sensitive rugs that don’t take high temperatures.

Protect your rugs with Scotchgard treatment

The most effective method to make sure that your rug, doormat, or matting remains clean for a reasonable amount of time is the Scotchgard protection. It's one of the most efficient stain protection products, keeping the rugs clean for approximately six months.

It doesn’t work with all rugs, but our cleaning experts know if they can use it with yours or not.

We provide dust mite removal services

Like carpets, rugs also attract dust mites, and our cleaning technicians will carefully manage the problem according to your rug’s specifics. Mites can cause hay fever and worsen allergies and asthma symptoms.

The Carpet Cleaning Northampton team offers specialist dust-mite removal services that keep the environment safe and hygienic for everyone.

Call us for a free no-obligation quote

Northampton Carpet Cleaners offers complete and efficient rug cleaning services for commercial and domestic clients. Contact us and let one team member provide you with more details about our cleaning procedures and a quote for the job. We’re flexible and can come whenever works for you.

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