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Mattress Cleaning Services

All mattresses, no matter how pricey or qualitative they may be, will get dirty after some time. To make sure that your mattress looks nice and hygienically clean, you need to clean it regularly.

Northampton Carpet Cleaners offers mattress cleaning services for domestic and commercial clients in the Northampton area. Our technicians have the skills, supplies, and equipment to clean your mattress so that you stay healthy and get better sleep.

Premium mattress cleaning service from Northampton Carpet Cleaners

Even if bed linens constantly protect against pollution, it's pretty often when they seep and fall straight on it. We’ve all spilt some coffee at some point in our lives. If any of us can remove a simple stain, we will all need the professionals to take care of dirt, dust, and pollutants deeply set in your mattress.

Many companies offer mattress cleaning services in Northampton, but few have experienced, dedicated, and skilled technicians like us. Carpet Cleaning Northampton is specialised in professional deep cleaning, and numerous domestic and commercial clients (hotels, hospitals, dormitories) hire us on a regular basis.

Mattress Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaners Northampton executes deep steam cleaning and sanitisation services for both domestic and commercial clients, regardless of the size of the job. Our technicians have the tools, supplies, and skills to eliminate noxious smells and heavy staining and thoroughly remove germs, bed bugs, and bacteria. Call us to find out more about how our services can secure your family or clients a deep and healthy sleep.

Quality mattress cleaning services

Our team executes mattress cleaning services at high standards. Never underestimate a clean mattress's role because it’s essential for a long and healthy sleep. If you wake up well-rested in the morning, you will be productive and in a good mood all day long.

Hire our professionals once or twice a year. You need to hire us to stay healthy and to expand your mattress’s life span. When you hire our technicians, we will remove bacteria, dust mites, and bed bugs. We also have the tools and supplies to remove sweat and urine smell.

Our clients are assured to benefit from the following services:

Complete mattress sanitation

The Carpet Cleaning Northampton technicians use high-class equipment (deep steam cleaning with extraction). The steam will penetrate deep into your mattress’s body, destroy all bacteria and allergens, and extract them with the machine's powerful motors. When we finish, the mattress is entirely fresh and sanitised.

Anti bedbug treatment

At Carpet Cleaners Northampton, we use impressively powerful professional machines and a water-detergent mixture heated up to 1200 c. We spray the mixture into the material under high pressure, and the whole procedure kills germs, bacteria, and bed bug bites.

Urine, blood, and general stain removal

If you have children and pets, you will be happy to learn that we use professional 100% eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove difficult stains from the mattress. Our procedures are efficient and don't pose any risk for your children or pet's health.

Odour treatments

Our technicians will altogether remove any stench that comes from the mattress. Thanks to our cleaning procedures, supplies, and skills, it will smell like a brand-new one when we finish.

Complete mattress sanitation

Our team is meticulous when cleaning your mattress

We know that proper mattress cleaning is exhausting, especially when you don’t have the professional equipment and cleaning supplies, so call our team for cleaning services. You can hire use for steam cleaning it at home, but also washing its covers and bedding. The mattress's size and type affect the price, and we can accommodate our cleaning services to your preferences and budget limitations.

At Carpet Cleaning Northampton, we know that some materials and types of contamination allow specific cleaning methods and supplies; our mattress cleaning experts will precisely know how to clean it and what machines and supplies to use.

Our mattress cleaning process is efficient

We have been in the cleaning field for many years, and we've learned that being meticulous is fundamental for obtaining the best cleaning results. We can adjust our cleaning protocols according to your mattress’s specific details, size, fabric, and your budget and preferences. We follow specific steps, nevertheless:

  • We start by examining the surface of your mattress
  • We identify the stains and spots and decide which cleaning products and methods to use
  • We use steam cleaning to disinfect and remove old stains and odours
  • We use a powerful vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning. It eliminates the dust from the surface and displays allergens such as dust mites, wool, and mould.

Our technicians make sure to remove moisture entirely so that it’s not absorbed inside, causing mould in time. Our cleaning experts know that it’s easier to prevent stains than remove them, so they recommend using mattress pads. If you use the pads, you will no longer need to hire out professionals for deep-cleaning services very often.

We clean the mattress at your place

At Carpet Cleaning Northampton, we want to disrupt your lifestyle as little as possible. Our cleaning experts will clean the mattress at your place. You no longer have to stress about self-transporting it; there is no risk to damage or stain it during transportation. Additionally, you can always check out how the cleaning procedures are going. We are flexible and can come at a time of your convenience. If you call us in the morning, you will be able to use the mattress later in the evening.

We are experienced and choose the cleaning method according to your preferences, budget, and level of contamination of your mattress.

Call us for a free quote

Contact our team at Northampton Carpet Cleaners for mattress cleaning services. One of our representatives will take your call and give you further information about the cleaning services and a quote for the job. Call to set up your first appointment.

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