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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Cleaning the office carpets, rugs and removing stains on a regular basis is fundamental to maintain the high hygiene standards for your commercial space, and finding a dependable cleaning company is the key.

Northampton Carpet Cleaners provides commercial carpet cleaning in Northampton and its larger area. We are dedicated, experienced, and skilled and know which cleaning supplies and methods to use with your commercial carpets for best cleaning results.

High quality commercial carpet cleaning from Northampton Carpet Cleaners

Regardless of how big or small your commercial space is, you need to hire professionals for carpet cleaning any now and then. You want to keep the clients, guests, and employees healthy and hiring professionals for carpet cleaning services is one way to get that.

The Carpet Cleaning Northampton technicians have been in this business for many years and dealt with many types of carpets and carpet conditions; they will know which cleaning techniques and supplies are most efficient with your commercial carpet cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Our cleaning experts will clean the carpets for a healthier working environment, and our services won’t affect your business activities. Carpet cleaning is essential when you have clients, employees, or business partners with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues. Our cleaning experts remove all stains and refresh the carpets without affecting your daily routine.

Our Carpet Cleaners Northampton specialist uses the most advanced dry and steam cleaning equipment for commercial carpet cleaning services. We employ the most prestigious detergents in the cleaning business and execute water extraction and dry compound treatment.

Every cleaning specialist in our team is thoroughly trained and certified in Northampton and will select the most effective cleaning procedure according to the type of carpet, rug, or matting fabric. Our team adjusts the cleaning services to your company's preferences and the amount of foot traffic.

The Commercial Carpet Cleaner Northampton team is meticulous

Our technicians have been in the carpet cleaning business for many years and have developed efficient cleaning services for every scenario. However, we can adjust the protocols to your specific requests, the carpets' fabric, and your commercial space’s specifics.

Our Northampton Carpet Cleaner technicians will follow the following steps for cleaning the carpets:

  • We begin with examining the flooring to identify the type of fabric
  • We strive to determine the degree of soiling and presence of stains
  • We pre-treat the marks and blemishes with advanced cleaning solutions
  • We remove the stains and spots
  • We dry/steam clean the carpet
  • We check out the results
  • We apply stain protection to reduce the risk of future staining
  • We provide you with some post-care tips
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Carpet advanced cleaning solutions

Our most popular commercial carpet cleaning methods

Our team has the skills, supplies, and equipment to execute various cleaning services and use two methods more often than others.

Hot water extraction (HWE)

Deep carpet cleaning with hot water extraction techniques is more complex than a standard steam treatment. Our cleaning services with steam-extraction are highly effective to wash grimy carpets in offices, rugs, or mats.

The HWE method eliminates deposited dirt, rejuvenates and destroys germs in the carpets, doormats, or large rugs. Steam extraction will efficiently remove pet stains, unpleasant smells and even dust mites.

When our team at Carpet Cleaning Northampton finishes, the carpets are fresh and air-dry in a couple of hours.

Carpet sanitisation

To eliminate 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses from your commercial carpets, hire our technicians in Northampton for carpet sanitisation services as well. Our technicians use potent EN1276 tested detergents; they spray them on the carpets and let them work for 15 minutes. The product destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi, and algae. Later, the technicians clean the carpets with hot water extraction.

Our technicians can also deodorise the floor covering, if requested. Our cleaning technicians may leave an air mover in the commercial space to increase airflow—the industrial fan speeds up the evaporation of dampness and the drying process.

Low moisture/dry carpet cleaning

If your commercial space has fragile floor coverings, our technicians can apply a  specialised chem-dry treatment. Our powder solution is 100% compatible with natural fibres like swivel, seagrass, and silk. There is no risk of shrinkage because there is no hot water steam with the cleaning.

Chem-dry carpet cleaning services are ideal for water-sensitive and delicate fabrics like cotton, jute, sisal, oriental rugs, velvet, oriental kilims, or Persian rugs. We only use allergy-safe and eco-friendly solutions.

Commercial carpet stain prevention

Our Carpet Cleaners Northampton experts can also protect the commercial carpets from further staining with the ScotchgardTM stain protection. We can only use the hot water extraction cleaning services because the protector isn't compatible with dry carpet cleaning. ScotchgardTM is a specialised spray solution that keeps stains, dirt, and liquids at a distance and stops them from settling on your carpet. The carpets stay clean for many months and smell fresh too.

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If you’re interested in our commercial carpet cleaning services, call Carpet Cleaners Northampton today. One team member will take your call and offer details about our cleaning services for commercial space; he/she will also give you a quote for the job, according to your requests and budget limitations. Call to schedule your first meeting.

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