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Stain Protection Service

If you want to enjoy your carpets and upholstery for many years, cleaning them on a regular basis is crucial. It's also essential for your health because dirt, dust, and allergens can set deeply into your furnishing and carpets, causing allergy symptoms, asthma, and various health problems. Cleaning isn't enough, though, and protecting your household items remain stainless is necessary.

Northampton Carpet Cleaners offers expert cleaning services for commercial and domestic clients in Northampton. Our cleaning technicians are trained to execute professional cleaning and stain protection services as well so that you can enjoy stain-free and spot-free household items for many months.

Premium stain protection services from Northampton Carpet Cleaners

Even if you hire professionals for cleaning services, you should also benefit from stain protection services.

Our Carpet Cleaning Northampton technicians have the skills, tools, and experience to use the most efficient cleaning services for your space; they can seal the cleaning results with stain protection techniques.

Stain protection is an idea for household items like table linens, curtains, upholstery, pillows, mattress, and many more.

stain protection service

What is a stain protector?

Stain protector, commonly known as Scotchguard protector, is an invisible clear liquid that our technicians apply after cleaning. It will surround every fibre of the carpet or upholstery with a protective coating. The coating is invisible, and the carpet becomes resistant to daily soiling, oil-based and water-based stains. Our cleaning technicians use the treatment to protect the fabric against the liquids; they won’t be able to penetrate anymore— your carpet and upholstery won’t get lasting stains nor permanent damage.

Scotchguard is one of the most used stain protectors for household items; it's safe to use even on fragile fabrics like silk, wool and dry-clean-only fabrics. Also, the stain protector won’t affect the breathability of the material.

The benefits of our cleaning and stain protection services

Our Northampton cleaning technicians will execute the stain protection, and you can enjoy many benefits from the treatment:

  • It stops dirt and stains from getting absorbed by the carpet fibres
  • It protects your carpets
  • It refreshes the previous treatments
  • It creates an invisible barrier against spills
  • It eases everyday cleaning
  • It makes the fabrics look fresh for a longer time
  • It helps with asthma, allergies, and other breathing issues
  • It’s safe for children and pets

Why hire our experts for cleaning and stain protection services

You should know that in time, regular vacuuming or usage makes even the most effective stain resistance treatment lose its efficiency. The Carpet Cleaners Northampton technicians are highly trained and know to restore your household items' stain resistance, expanding their durability. By the time you've vacuumed your carpet 200 times, much of the protection it had, in the beginning, is gone.

Our team offers cleaning and stain protection services to restore the stain resistance to your carpets, rugs, and furnishing. When you hire us for cleaning and stain protection services, you will expand the durability of your investment and keep the environment in your office or home fresh, stylish, and hygienic. Our effective stain protection method works with freshly cleaned carpets, upholstery, and curtains.

Carpet Cleaning Northampton’s stain protection services- the details

Various stain protection treatments are available, such as Stain Guard, DuPont Teflon, but Scotchgard stands out because it locks onto the carpet’s fibres. The stain protector will create an invisible shield that keeps at distance dirt, dust, and spills; you will have time to wipe it up before it turns into a stain quickly. Once our Carpet Cleaners Northampton technicians complete the stain protection treatment, you will be able to vacuum and clean the carpet more straightforward and more efficiently.

Our carpet and upholstery stain protector methods don't alter the colour of your carpet or upholstery, and they don't affect how they feel. Our products don’t leave unpleasant odours but provide the best protection and care for your furniture and carpets. Your household items keep their best looks for a longer time.

Carpet Cleaning Northampton’s stain protection services

For which items can you use our stain protection services?

Not all carpets require carpet stain protection. Entirely synthetic rugs are already protected, but we know which fibres, carpets, or upholstery should benefit from our stain protection treatment. We are determined to provide you with our honest recommendation, and we will only apply the treatment when it's beneficial.

Our stain protector works as a repellent finish; coffee, water, red wine, tea, and most liquid spillages will peel off the treated fibre. Our Northampton cleaning technicians will apply the stain treatment to new and freshly cleaned carpets, damp or dry.

We use a simple yet effective process

The Northampton Carpet Cleaners team learned many things over the years, and being meticulous on the job is one of those things. Our cleaning technicians are experienced and able to adjust the methods and supplies to your carpet/rug/upholstery’s specifics, and they will follow certain steps each time:

  • We apply the stain protector over the carpet/other fabric’s surface
  • We use a specialist spray for the anti-stain treatment so that it settles on top of the fabric/pile
  • The protector will work after a couple of hours
  • We let the carpets and textile dry to the touch
  • After drying, the anti-stain film begins to work, stopping dirt from depositing within fibres
  • Our stain treatment makes spills sit on top of the carpet and not go deeply through the pile; cleaning the spill will be a breeze

Our cleaning technicians apply the stain protector so that the fabric doesn't feel different after the treatment. Our stain protection adds a layer of protection against water damage, dirt, bacteria, mould, water and oil-based stains.

One of the most important benefits of our stain protection treatment is that it keeps the carpets clean and protects the upholstery/furniture from direct sunlight damage. Our stain protector blocks the sun's rays from damaging your matting, rugs, or upholstery.

What does our full clean& protect services include?

Should you hire Carpet Cleaning Northampton for a complete clean and protect service, we will:

  • Pre-inspect the upholstery/carpet
  • Carefully move your furniture
  • Thoroughly vacuum
  • Pre-spray the carpets and pre-treat the current stains
  • Deep clean and use our powerful machine for extraction
  • Apply for the stain protection
  • Dry and groom the carpets for best results
  • Examine the carpet and make sure that everything is according to your requests and standards

Call us for a free quote

Contact the team at Northampton Carpet Cleaners to find out more about our cleaning and stain protection services. One team member can provide you with details about the procedures and with a quote for the job.

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