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Coronavirus Deep Cleaning and Sanitisation

The outbreak of Covid-19 has completely changed our lives, and one of the effects is that people have become more interested in deep cleaning. We have never dealt with such a threat before, and keeping our homes or commercial spaces cleaner than ever has never been so important.

Northampton Carpet Cleaners is the most reliable choice if you live in the Northampton area and look for Coronavirus deep cleaning and sanitisation services. Our cleaning technicians are informed and trained and use the best cleaning methods and supplies to ensure sanitisation and Coronavirus deep cleaning for your house or commercial space.

Deep cleaning and sanitisation services from Northampton Carpet Cleaners

Our technicians at Carpet Cleaning Northampton are experienced and learned quickly what cleaning methods and protocols to follow for Coronavirus deep cleaning and sanitisation. Our cleaning technicians offer Coronavirus deep clean services to the highest recommended standards and according to the safety guidelines established by Public Health England. Our sanitisation protocol follows the industry guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus.

Our Carpet Cleaners Northampton technicians offer Coronavirus deep cleaning and sanitisation for commercial and residential clients, regardless of the size, complexity, or purpose of the space.

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning and Sanitisation

Commercial Coronavirus deep clean

Our trained cleaning specialists provide you with services of  Coronavirus decontamination, cleaning and sanitation with fogging to eliminate all traces of the virus. Our skilled experts wear sterile disposable overalls, masks, hats, gloves, and protective footwear to deep clean all areas. After cleaning with sterilising chemicals, our technicians will seal and tape off the rooms, preparing them for testing.

Our team provides the Coronavirus deep cleaning services for many commercial spaces, and the most common are:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Shops and commercial spaces
  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Gyms
  • Homes and flats

We offer cleaning services for care homes and nursing homes

Care and nursing homes present special requirements where specific cleaning protocols have to be followed. Our cleaning technicians will sanitise the whole premises from top to bottom with certified products and chemicals. Our services include cleaning all areas, wipe the walls and ceilings, high-level dust areas, wipe lights, vents, clean furniture, windows. Our technicians will detail and clean all touch points such as door handles, bannisters, taps and execute deep cleaning of bathroom, kitchen and food prep areas.

Our Carpet Cleaning Northampton crew will wash and sanitise all carpets and scrub the hard flooring with a professional rotary machine. After cleaning, they mop the hard flooring with specialist antiviral products.

Domestic Coronavirus deep cleaning

At Northampton Carpet Cleaners, we also offer clinical-grade decontamination cleaning for domestic properties after exposure to viruses like Covid-19; our intrusion is minimal.

Our Covid-19 fogging services will leave your home safe and eliminate all concerns of your family members. Please give us at least one hour after leaving your home to re-enter; leave the windows open for 10 minutes to allow fresh air circulation.

We perform fogging cleaning at high standards

Fogging is a highly efficient method of deep cleaning the difficult to access areas and areas with porous surfaces. These surfaces allow bacteria and viruses to thrive; carpets, tiled ceilings, soft furnishings, children’s play rooms, and upholstery are such exposed areas.

The services with fogging procedures are highly effective against Coronavirus/Covid-19 and other viruses. Our Carpet Cleaning Northampton technicians use mechanical fogging services for all spaces, commercial and domestic as well. We use specialist machinery that generates a fine mist that spreads the sterilising fluid in the air. The cleaning procedure kills airborne pathogens from all surfaces in the fogged area, especially those that are difficult to clean with traditional cleaning methods.

fogging cleaning services

Our trained cleaning technicians will control and adjust the dispersion rate and strength of sterilising agents, according to the space's specifics.

The fogging process lasts for a couple of minutes, depending on space's size. Our technicians will seal-off the room for more than an hour after the fogging so that the mist is completely spread.

Our deep cleaning services

We will adjust our Coronavirus deep cleaning services to your requests, budget, and other elements and provide you with various cleaning protocols:

Disinfect all visible and accessible areas with the fogging machine

It's the fastest and most affordable method; your staff can come back to work a lot sooner. It's not the most efficient cleaning procedure, but it's reliable for large workplace buildings.

Manual deep clean

With this cleaning method, our technicians will manually deep clean all areas from top to bottom and disinfect touchpoints by hand as well. It’s the most thorough cleaning technique, but it takes much time. It’s not the most practical cleaning method for large and busy commercial areas.

A combination of the two

Our specialists will fog the visible areas with the fogging machine and disinfect touchpoints by hand. The cleaning method is ideal for workplace premises because it’s fast and effective.

Fogging all areas and manual deep clean

The most time consuming and most efficient cleaning method is to fog all areas and manual deep clean, disinfecting the whole premises by hand.

We sanitise cars, SUVs, and vehicles

Covid-19 can stay on any surface because it spreads through sneezing, coughing or touching; it can last on surfaces for up to 72hours. We can provide you with antiviral sanitisation cleaning your vehicles as well. Our Northampton cleaners can help you reduce the risk of Coronavirus spreading. We follow specific steps:

  • We carefully vacuum clean every accessible interior surface of your vehicle
  • We spray BS EN 1276 certified detergent on all interior surfaces (seats, dashboard, mats etc.) to eliminate all germs
  • We spray the exterior door handles and the trunk handle
  • We use a safe and non-toxic detergent that doesn't need rinsing
  • We finish the cleaning in 30 minutes

Call us for a free quote

We’re sure that you want to keep your family or employees and clients healthy and protected, so contact Northampton Carpet Cleaners for Coronavirus deep cleaning and sanitisation. One team member will inform you about our cleaning methods and give you a quote for the job.

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